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Released: 3rd Nov 2014


LP + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2014


limited Indies Only lp + 10" + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2014

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after turning heads with his distinctive productions for kanye west & fka twigs the venezuelan beatsmith cements his sound with these uncompromising future-hip hop instrumentals.

arca's sound is bang on trend - woozy melodies & narcotic textures are underpinned by hard-hitting, impeccably produced drums & percussive rushes. the tracks can have heavy, head-nodding grooves but this timeless quality is contrasted by digital synthesisers, glitches & heavily computerised production values. without a vocalist to dominate the mix he takes more chances as a producer (the title track is a shape-shifting, almost avant garde blend of occasional stuttering rhythms & unresolved melodies) but with a vision this ahead of the curve he always hits pay dirt. "reflects a schizophrenia of influences, from booty-shaking soca to Aphex Twin-esque balladry that bewilder & enrapture equally" 4/5 - the skinny.



  1. Now You Know
  2. Held Apart
  3. Xen
  4. Sad Bitch
  5. Sisters
  6. Slit Thru
  7. Failed
  8. Family Violence
  9. Thievery
  10. Lonely Thugg
  11. Fish
  12. Wound
  13. Bullet Chained
  14. Tongue
  15. Promise
  16. Empath (bonus 10" track)
  17. Get In The Fucking Car (bonus 10" track)
  18. Snatch (bonus 10" track)
  19. Vanity (bonus 10" track)
  20. Dog Crying At Its Owners (bonus 10" track)
  21. Grave (bonus 10" track)