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Sufjan Stevens

Seven Swans (2014 reissue)

Sounds Familyre

coloured lp + 7"

Released: 8th Dec 2014

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When thinking about re-issuing the vinyl version of “Seven Swans,” Sufjan and I decided to look back at some of the unmixed tracks that didn’t make the cut for the record.

I went back to the 1/4” 8 track tapes and made rough mixes of these recordings to play for Sufjan. “Seven Swans” was actually recorded before “Michigan”, so we had an early version of “Romulus” that Sufjan had decided didn’t work with the album. Also we had a song “Borderline” which ended up on a Rough Trade 7”. The two remaining songs, “I Went Dancing With My Sister” and “Waste Of What Your Kids Won’t Have,” were great fun to hear again. I put bass lines down on them and mixed them up for Sufjan to hear. We liked what we heard, but felt that they still belong separate from the album. So here we are with the vinyl re-issue of “Seven Swans.” It’s an album that I so proud to have been part of and still enjoy listening to. The vinyl mastering is better, the vinyl is thicker, the cover is matte instead of shiny, and it’s got a bonus 7” of two Sufjan songs from the “Seven Swans” sessions that are not available in any other format. Get a new needle for your turntable and enjoy. Daniel Smith, Clarksboro 2007.

Seven Swans (2014 reissue)


  1. All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands
  2. The Dress Looks Nice on You
  3. In the Devils Territory
  4. To Be Alone With You
  5. Abraham
  6. Sister
  7. Size Too Small
  8. We Won't Need Legs to Stand
  9. A Good Man Is Hard to Find
  10. He Woke Me up Again
  11. Seven Swans
  12. The Transfiguration