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The Pale Emperor



Released: 19th Jan 2015


deluxe CD

Released: 19th Jan 2015


coloured 2LP + download + art prints

Released: 19th Jan 2015


The rock and roll demagogue roars back above the froth of mass-media to deliver a set of soul-stripping, kiss-smearing, church floor-burning songs that stand, unequivocally, as his most fully-wrought album since 1998’s epochal Mechanical Animals.

Featuring the singles 'Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge' and 'Deep Six', ‘THE PALE EMPEROR’ is a nod to Manson favourites Tom Waits, David Bowie and Joy Division, but also evokes early PJ Harvey in its disarming honesty and dirty blues. “The surprise here is that Manson’s music can work without the shock schtick” NME. “Marilyn Manson has always possessed the ability to write and produce music that can speak at its own compelling length and pitch. Here he unleashes that side of his frayed character for the first time in about 14 years” 8/10 - Drowned in Sound

The Pale Emperor


  1. Killing Strangers
  2. Deep Six
  3. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge
  4. The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles
  5. Warship My Wreck
  6. Slave Only Dreams To Be King
  7. The Devil Beneath My Feet
  8. Birds Of Hell Awaiting
  9. Cupid Carries A Gun
  10. Odds Of Even
  11. Day 3 (deluxe & vinyl only)
  12. Fated, Faithful, Fatal (deluxe & vinyl only)
  13. Fall Of The House Of Death (deluxe & vinyl only)