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the great pretenders



Released: 23rd Mar 2015


gold lp + download

Released: 23rd Mar 2015


Far, far more than a Queens Of The Stone Age side project, the third release from the LA trio is a dense and dreamlike foray into luminescent psychedelia, eclectic and ambitious and brimming with off-kilter melody.

Whilst they’ve riffed off The Beatles and Elliott Smith before this time around the vibe is poppier, Brian Wilson’s guest spot reflecting a more upbeat focus in the twitchy hooks and the compulsive choruses, like ‘Hunky Dory’ Bowie or Elton John at his kaleidoscopic best. “The Great Pretenders’ is an absolute wonder” 4.5/5 – contact music, “an emotional, emboldened triumph” 9/10 – nme

james cooper recommends: smooth rock-pop on acid. this is a great album for late night summer parties.

the great pretenders


  1. Freakout!
  2. Death Is A Girl
  3. Creep
  4. Fantasy
  5. Any Emotions
  6. Vertigo
  7. Honey, I’m Home
  8. Mirror Mountain
  9. Heart Of Stone
  10. Double Visions
  11. The End, Again