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S. Carey

Supermoon - EP


limited indies only 12"

Released: 16th Feb 2015


Recorded primarily during the perigee-syzygy (also known as the super moon) of August 2014, the ‘Supermoon’ EP from S Carey is a study in scale, space, and proximity.

These songs are a new and closer look into existing works from both S. Carey’s renowned full lengths - 2010’s ‘All We Grow’ & 2014’s ‘Range Of Light’. With ‘Supermoon’, Carey has broken these songs down to their essential, acoustic parts with his forever humming vocals laid over top, lilting yet percussive piano and a subtle swath of harmonic strings. You can hear Carey's breath between words and the pat of his fingers on the keys; you can hear the living room in which his family’s baby grand piano sits. These songs are beautiful, intimate and so potently personal. This collection is a stark presentation of S. Carey laid bare, an open invitation for the listener to climb into his world.

Supermoon - EP


  1. Fire-scene (Alt. Version)
  2. We Fell (Alt. Version)
  3. Supermoon
  4. In The Stream (Alt. Version)
  5. Neverending Fountain (Alt. Version)
  6. Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was