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Cortar Todo



Released: 23rd Mar 2015


lp + download

Released: 18th May 2015


a noise-metal extravaganza from the Italian instrumental / experimental band.

this intense record features some very special guests including keyboard player Joey Karam (The Locust), Italian guitar maverick Stefano Pilia & perhaps most unexpectedly, a field recording of an indigenous Shipibo medicine man recorded by Zu bass player Massimo during his travels around the Amazon. "somewhere between Sleep / High on Fire, the sludgier moments of Iron Lung, & Japanese tripcore heroes Paintbox, all swimming through moments of noise, ambience, & saxophones. Sometimes it builds to minimalism, sometimes it builds to chaos, & sometimes it leads to traditional song structures" - noisey / vice.

Cortar Todo


  1. The Unseen War
  2. Rudra Dances Over
  3. Burning Rome
  4. Cortar Todo
  5. A Sky Burial
  6. Orbital Equilibria
  7. Serpens Cauda
  8. No Pasa Nada
  9. Conflict Acceleration
  10. Vantablack Vomitorium
  11. Pantokrator