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COSMOS 2043 (2015 REISSUE)



Released: 8th Jun 2015


Before Jean Michel Jarre and Oxygene there was Bernard Fevre.

Forgotten electronic masterpieces that lay buried for years before being rediscovered by British electronic producers such as Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers. The albums are so far ahead of their time that even now, people struggle to believe they were recorded 40 years ago. An electronic masterpiece full of moogs and analogue drum machines where Fèvre’s deft touch with the synthesizer bring to life alien and eldritch scenes.

COSMOS 2043 (2015 REISSUE)


  1. Space Team
  2. N° 59018
  3. Central Way
  4. Satellite 33
  5. Ronde Interstellaire
  6. Cimes éternelles
  7. Le Monde Avait 5 Ans
  8. Moon heart
  9. Sunshine On March
  10. Stars Away
  11. Earth message
  12. 2043
  13. Odyssée