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Atheist's cornea

Rock Action Records


Released: 10th Jul 2015


Heavyweight LP + Download

Released: 10th Jul 2015


Seventh album on Mogwai’s Rock Action label from explosive tokyo rock monsters - as always tetsuya fukagawa's excellent quintet mix hardcore and post-rock with an emotional intensity, and ability to shape dynamics with beautiful experiments in slower tempo, orchestral passages and jazz-ambient interludes,  that separates them from their post-rock peers.

Will appeal to fans of Mogwai, Isis, Slint, Hopesfall, Yaphet Kotto, Yage. “tooth-grinding hardcore that doesn’t so much blow away the cobwebs as drop a kiloton neutron bomb on Butlins" - NME. “Envy engulf the listener in a tidal wave of sound and emotion. Unsurprisingly excellent stuff” - Rock Sound.

Atheist's cornea


  1. Blue Moonlight
  2. Ignorant Rain At The End
  3. Of The World
  4. Shining Finger
  5. Ticking Time And String
  6. Footsteps In The Distance
  7. An Insignificant Poem
  8. Two Isolated Souls
  9. Your Heart And My Hand