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Released: 29th Jun 2015



Released: 29th Jun 2015


Refused are f*cking alive! There's no escape - The Iconic Swedish hardcore band return with their first new album in 17 years.

'Freedom' explodes out of the speakers with opening track “Elektra,” as Lyxzén throat-shredding declaration that “nothing has changed” catapults Refused into the 21st century. In 1998 Refused released their iconic 3rd album 'The Shape of Punk to Come'. It was also the year that the band broke up and declared "Refused Are Fucking Dead". Fourteen years later, the band reignited in 2012 for a Coachella performance & now, here they are with their new material. "With 'Freedom', the band don’t wait long before they start throwing curveballs, proceeding to do so in spades throughout the rest of the album....the work of a band hell-bent on doing things on its own terms. As a forceful assertion of the will to stay creative, Freedom qualifies as a triumph" - diffuser.





  1. Elektra
  2. Old Friends / New War
  3. Dawkins Christ
  4. Françafrique
  5. Thought Is Blood
  6. War On the Palaces
  7. Destroy the Man
  8. 366
  9. Servants of Death
  10. Useless Europeans