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fat cat


Released: 2nd Oct 2015


clear lp

Released: 2nd Oct 2015

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the east londoners finally follow up the 2013 debut that we fell in love with, forging more driving post-punk-funk - an itchy, angular explosion of propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums & sharp guitar lines.

their debut for FatCat, retains the urgency, bite & the bristling, shard-syncopated rhythm-hooks of its predecessor, spiky & jittery, its angular funk groove pulls off the neat trick of meshing an edginess with an ultimately huge sense of fun. Having done time in a plethora of UK DIY bands including Trash Kit & Wet Dog, they draw from a well of late '70s / early-'80s post-punk, bringing to mind the jagged aggression of Gang of Four, the pure, raw yelp of The Slits & the dance-inducing thrust of Delta 5, The Au Pairs & ESG. if you've enjoyed the recent albums from prinzhorn dance school or lonelady, this one's for you!

Why Choose


  1. Wind It Up
  2. Take It Outside
  3. Straight Lines
  4. Time Wasted
  5. Say It Once
  6. No Show
  7. Why Wait
  8. Private Party
  9. Sinking Feeling
  10. I Have Decided
  11. Knocking
  12. 12345