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Planet Mu Records Ltd.


Released: 16th Oct 2015



Released: 16th Oct 2015


picking elements of dancehall and hip hop to drop into his dayglo beat driven wonky funk has proved to be a real winner.

sample heavy but not sample based, his music always comes across as celebratory yet completely inorganic. his house beats tie into rap and reggae samples, while always keeping his heady mix of bass heavy electronics at the forefront. seven albums in and vibert’s still at the top of his game. “an album of big punchlines, defrosted drum breaks snapping necks like breadsticks” – 8/10 clash



  1. Knockout
  2. Officer's Club
  3. Hey Go
  4. Ghetto Blast Ya
  5. I Can Phil It
  6. Manalog
  7. War
  8. bizarster
  9. Power Press
  10. Tronic
  11. doozit
  12. Don't Fuck Around
  13. Knockout
  14. Officer's Club
  15. Hey Go
  16. Ghetto Blast Ya
  17. I Can Phil It
  18. Manalog
  19. War
  20. Bizarster
  21. Power Press
  22. L Tronic
  23. Doozit
  24. Don't Fuck Around