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Co La

No No

Software Recording Co.

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Released: 9th Oct 2015


chop And change sample heavy brilliance from software’s soda pop genius – no less than you’d expect from a label owned by oneohtrix point never.

skewed beats and samples from reggae mc’s and deep house all within a minute – it’s the same adhd approach to music that holly Herndon uses to great effect applied to a sound that’s altogether dirtier, heavier and infinitely more pliable and downright fun. agitated beats meet crashing cold synths meet pitched vocal samples and erratic repeated mantras making this one of the most original, innovative and special albums out there at the moment. “it would be just as easy to draw a notional line to john cage’s ‘Williams mix’ or the feeling of abstracted humanity of oneohtrix point never to the meticulously chosen and arranged sample collages that make up each track on ‘no no’” – the wire

No No