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then thickens




Released: 23rd Oct 2015



Released: 23rd Oct 2015


so much more than just a kong side project, this lo fi pop storytelling songwriting at its finest.

‘Colic’ comes across as a crude and real album, and while it’s a little exaggerated in parts it features a mix of characters and real people throughout the story telling. more spaced out than their previous work, it feels mournful and celebratory at the same time. brilliant fuzzy rock that sounds a bit like mac demarco covering Fleetwood mac with a bit of the pixies and 'bends' era radiohead thrown in for good measure.



  1. Heaven Alive
  2. Cum Summer
  3. My Sunday
  4. Turn Your Words Around
  5. Colic
  6. Smothered In Gold
  7. Dirty Letter
  8. My Amsterdam
  9. Tie It To You
  10. Turn Your Pictures Around.