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nils frahm




Released: 22nd Jan 2016


2LP + download

Released: 22nd Jan 2016


A collection of nine reworks crafted by fans & selected by Nils himself form the ‘Screws Reworked’ re-issue, also featuring his original ‘Screws’ The 2012 album 'Screws' by Nils Frahm, was the result of inspiration from his fans and friends & These nine intimate recordings were offered to fans to download for free & in return fans thanked Nils by sending him their audio & visual reinterpretations.

It gave birth to the 'Screws Reworked' project from which Nils selected nine reworks to feature on a special edition re-issue which also includes his original ‘Screws’.



  1. You
  2. Do
  3. Re
  4. Mi
  5. Fa
  6. Sol
  7. La
  8. Si
  9. Me
  10. Me (Analogue Dear Rework)
  11. You (Bug Lover Rework)
  12. Do (Databoy78 Rework)
  13. Re (Helios Rework)
  14. Mi (Soul Channel Rework)
  15. Fa (Fred Yaddaden Rework)
  16. Sol (Ruhe Rework)
  17. La (Sebastian Freij Rework)
  18. Si (Plasma R?by Rework)