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stafraenn hakon

eternal horse



Released: 4th Dec 2015


the 9th album from the Icelandic ambient rock band sees them move away from the DIY experimental droney ambience & the lo-fi indie-rock sounds of their last albums, to revisit the sound-spectrum of 2010's 'Sanitas'.

'Eternal Horse' contains nine pop-oriented and vocally driven melodies filled with soft and floating guitars mixed with heavier guitar sounds, layers of acoustic instruments and vocals. Vocals and lyrics on the album are in the hands of Magnús Freyr Gíslason and At The Close Of Everyday frontman, Minco Eggersman, who again collaborates with the band, providing his deep and soothing vocals to three songs on the album. As heard on the opening track 'Bræla', Stafrænn Hakon combine a heavy sonic pallette of guitars mixed with airy melodic vocals. The journey continues with poppier elements and almost doomy sounds of the composition 'Rene Russo'.

eternal horse


  1. Braela
  2. Frigid - Bag
  3. Kaos
  4. Burning at Both Ends
  5. Sót
  6. Falkor
  7. Rene Russo
  8. I'm the Beholder
  9. Light