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Astrid Williamson

Requiem & Gallipoli

One Little Indian


Released: 29th Jan 2016


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Released: 29th Jan 2016


a touching and moving piece of work - williamson's first large-scale classical composition, originally performed as part of a D-Day remembrance event.

"I would translate each movement from Latin, then start writing the music at the piano, later orchestrating and singing each individual voice,” explains Astrid of the writing process. “As I began to transcribe the piano arrangement for the orchestra I found myself thinking, ‘this section must to be on flute, not oboe, not bassoon’, it was incredibly intuitive work - the music seemed to unfurl before me. I actually dreamt the ‘In Paradisum’ and had to get up and write it down immediately. I also found it liberating that in essence the piece was not personal to events in my life. It was refreshing to not be pouring out my experiences, rather I felt I was drawing upon a more collective understanding of loss and release.”

Requiem & Gallipoli


  1. Requiem
  2. Kyrie
  3. Domine Jesu
  4. Hostias
  5. Sanctus
  6. Agnus Dei
  7. Libera Me
  8. In Paradisum
  9. Gallipoli (Solo Piano Version)
  10. Gallipoli (Orchestral Version)