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Hookworks (2016 Expanded Edition)



Released: 4th Mar 2016


expanded reissue of hookworms' debut ep, previously only available in vinyl - this is the genesis of the leeds band's punky psych-drone sound & now you can play it loud in your car (which we would highly recommend!).

The EP contains the first tracks the group ever recorded in vocalist & producer MJ's original Suburban Home Studio, with the group just a handful of local shows into their existence – one such show, supporting Sun Araw lead to its original release. Hookworms have long since evolved into a mighty beast, able to fill cavernous warehouses with a vitriolic form of kosmiche. In addition, the reissue comes with additional early & rare recordings - the drone heavy initial version of 'Form & Function' & the swaggering rumbles of 'The Correspondent'. for a band whose boundaries have forever stretched towards the horizon, it's great to be reminded that they were brilliant from the outset.

Hookworks (2016 Expanded Edition)


  1. Medicine Cabinet
  2. Teen Dreams
  3. I Have Some Business Out West
  4. Resolution
  5. Form & Function
  6. Deu
  7. The Correspondent