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Black Peaches

Get Down You Dirty Rascals

1965 Records Limited


Released: 4th Mar 2016


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Released: 4th Mar 2016

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gloriously loose-limbed and strung-out: a psychotropic stew of country boogie, spiritual jazz and funk from Rob Smoughton (probably best known as a longtime member of Hot Chip and Scritti Politti, as well as his alter-ego Grovesnor).

With slide guitars, Latin percussion and shimmering keyboards, the Peaches sound is a cinematic experience, the soundtrack to a bar fight at the country disco or an incantation of the black arts. At other times they swagger with the easy confidence of Little Feat, Manassas or Dr John to create a pulsating, unwinding groove for a hot summer’s day where no one’s in too much of a hurry. featuring Grosvenor’s live drummer Nick Roberts and Charlie Michael (The Severed Limb, Shock Defeat), a master of Brazilian percussion, bassist Susumu Mukai  and guitarist Adam Chetwood - a fellow country and jazz fan and plays pedal steel too. Thomas Greene (Cold Specks) on keyboards completes this consummate line-up. "groovy southern rock from the sixth hot chip... very british americana." - 7/10 uncut

Get Down You Dirty Rascals


  1. Double Top
  2. Chops On Tchoupitoulas
  3. Fire & A Water Sign
  4. A Rainbow Appears In
  5. Saturn’s Rings
  6. Hanging Moon
  7. Below The Waves
  8. Suivez-Moi
  9. Pomegranate Morning
  10. Raise High The
  11. Roofbeams, Carpenters