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the electric circus

easy action

limited orange & silver lp

Released: 25th Mar 2016

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The Stooges extraordinarily rare live performance by the short lived 1971 line up with James williamson AND Ron Asheton on guitars with Jimmy Recca on Bass and Scott Rock action Asheton on drums.

"There are at least two persuasive reasons to hear these recordings: firstly, you have never heard this group before, and secondly, you have never heard these songs before (with probably one exception). The Stooges that went out on tour in spring 1971 were a quite different group to any version to have entered a studio. Joining the remaining Fun House veterans - Iggy on vocals, Ron Asheton on guitar and Scott Asheton on drums, were new boys Jimmy Recca on bass and James Williamson on guitar - yes indeed! - a dual guitar Stooges!! ... and Jools Thurston nowhere in sight!!! You don't really need me to tell you what this line-up sounded like... you know (don't you?) - suffice to say they rocked!" - Alan Holmes

the electric circus


  1. I Got A Right
  2. You Don’t Want my Name
  3. The Shadow of your smile
  4. Fresh Rag
  5. Dead Body ~ Who do you love?
  6. Big Time Bum
  7. Do You Want my Love?
  8. Children of the night