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The Body

No One Deserves Happiness

thrill jockey


Released: 18th Mar 2016


2lp + download

Released: 18th Mar 2016

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a sludgy total body assault on the senses this – chip king and lee Buford have long been aiming for the offensively loud in the pursuit of abject terror and here they’ve achieved it.

dragging ebm and industrial tones through their filter to reach a discordant salem-y feel in places before flicking to swans-esque theatrical melodrama (and, in their own words, incorporating beyonce-inspired baselines) they’ve formed an incredibly complex and disorientating album full of sludge, doom and metal without ever falling into an easy categorisation. this is aural gbh and we love it. “less sprawling than their earlier releases and scarier for its concision.” – 7.7 pitchfork

No One Deserves Happiness


  1. Wanderings
  2. Shelter Is Illusory
  3. For You
  4. Hallow / Hollow
  5. Two Snakes
  6. Adamah
  7. Starving Deserter
  8. The Fall And The Guilt
  9. Prescience
  10. The Myth Arc