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Trinity Way

Rocket Recordings


Released: 17th Jun 2016


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Released: 17th Jun 2016


a free-flowing odyssey of vivid, hallucinatory intensity - ritualistic, audial travelogues which unite mantric repetition, concrète noise, dubbed psychedelia & kosmische explorations.

if you can imagine an industrial underworld inhabited by swans, throbbing gristle & the haxan cloak, this might be their collaborative soundtrack. On their debut release for the infallible Rocket Recordings, Héloïse Zamzamrec, Olmo Uiutna & Mark Wagner's (a touring member of GNOD) trance-like meditations & illuminating visions draw on a plethora of earthly parallels, from the iconoclastic writing of Rimbaud or Artaud to the occultist sound-world of Coil, from the invigorating DIY ethos of the Not Not Fun label to the anarchic sprawl of The Faust Tapes & with Wagner’s stream-of-consciousness incantations inviting comparisons to Robert Calvert or Genesis P-Orridge. immense!

Trinity Way


  1. 01 L.O.V.E. (6:07)
  2. L’Ame Agit (6:01)
  3. Cat-Man-Do (5:10)
  4. Welcome To The Sea (4:42)
  5. A Maze In Grace (5:04)
  6. Under Neith (3:02)
  7. Eternally Yours (10:54)