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king tuff

Wild Desire (2016 reissue)

Suicide Squeeze

colour 7"

Released: 8th Jul 2016


Kyle Thomas’s work under the name King Tuff is a far cry from his primary gigs belting out stoner rock wails with Witch and conjuring lilting freakfolk with Feathers.

With King Tuff, Thomas delivers no-nonsense, über-posi, guitar-driven pop. His 2008 album ‘Was Dead’ was a hit among fans of jubilant, fuzzed out rock & roll, including the bigwigs at Sub Pop Records who promptly snatched up King Tuff and Thomas’s related project Happy Birthday. While the world waits for King Tuff to whip out another full length dose of righteous tunes they can find temporary satiation with the two-song ‘Wild Desire’ 7” on Suicide Squeeze. Both the title track and B-side ‘Hole In My Head’ revel in the sound of guitar jangle and unmitigated stokedness cranked into the red.

Wild Desire (2016 reissue)


  1. Wild Desire
  2. Hole In My Head