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Sargent House


Released: 5th Aug 2016


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Released: 5th Aug 2016


guitarist Mike Sullivan, drummer Dave Turncrantz, & bassist Brian Cook conjure multi-dimensional, dramatic instrumental narratives that examine the polarity of quiet & loud, complex & simple, ugly & beautiful.

Songs aren’t constructed out of highbrow concepts; they’re forged out of gut instinct and base emotional response. Starting with the meditative restraint of the album opener, 'Guidance' sets off on a path of metallic savagery, arpeggio tectonics, mercurial anthems, sombre segues, and seismic Americana noir. "the album – the group's sixth – is moody, dense and dynamic, the gripping soundtrack to an un-filmed drama." – Rolling Stone



  1. Asa
  2. Vorel
  3. Mota
  4. Afrika
  5. Overboard
  6. Calla
  7. Lisboa