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Released: 2nd Sep 2016


2lp + download

Released: 2nd Sep 2016


never one to stand still, the almighty zombie has pushed himself further forward into the future of bass & grime with an introspective ode to the inner city.

without a doubt the focal point of the album is his devastating collaboration with burial on ‘sweetz’, which is the culmination  of the midnight urban claustrophobia that bubbles under the rest of the album – this is spiritually the follow up to burial’s ‘untrue’ that we’ve been waiting for… “it weaves between restrained calm and unnerving dread, unfolding like a detailed narrative and leading one down a path that could lead to pure bliss or something too sinister to even contemplate.” – 8/10 loud and quiet



  1. Reflection
  2. Burst
  3. Fly 2 [ Zomby & Banshee ]
  4. E.S.P.
  5. I
  6. Glass
  7. Sweetz [ Zomby & Burial ]
  8. Her
  9. Quandary [ Zomby & Darkstar ]
  10. Freeze
  11. Yeti
  12. S.D.Y.F. [ Zomby & Rezzett ]
  13. Thaw