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L.A. Salami

Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut

Sunday best


Released: 26th Aug 2016


2LP + download

Released: 26th Aug 2016


Eclectic and exquisite postmodern blues and folk-tinged songs - drawing inspiration from beat poetry, nick drake, chain gang blues and hip hop.

Having only picked up the guitar a few years ago, after being given one for his 21st birthday, L.A. Salami recorded this album in one week at Urchin Studios in Hackney with engineer Dan Cox and producer Matt Ingram, who he was introduced to by old friend and touring partner Lianne Le Havas. “I want to portray modern life using the past as a vehicle,” concludes L.A. “I love Sixties and Seventies music, that’s where my heart is. But I don’t want it to sound of the past, I want it to speak of now.”

Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut


  1. Going Mad As The Street Bins
  2. & Bird
  3. No Hallelujahs Now
  4. Anything’s Greener Than Burnt Grass
  5. I Wear This Because Life Is War!
  6. The City Nowadays
  7. Papa Stokely (skit)
  8. I Can’t Slow Her Down
  9. Loosley On My Mind
  10. Why Don’t You Help Me?
  11. Day to Day (for 6 days a week)
  12. Def(a)ormation Days
  13. Aristotle Ponders The Sound
  14. My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire
  15. Pete The Monkey; The Baptism Of Petter The Young (Secret Track)