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sleaford mods

Live At SO36

Harbinger USA


Released: 4th Nov 2016


If you’ve ever wondered whether the ’mods uniquely British aesthetic would translate well to listeners from outside these naff isles, then this live set recorded in Berlin provides an emphatic answer.

The show took place at Kreuzberg's SO36 club on a hot sweaty June night in front a sold out audience. As they hurtle through some of their most memorable moments (‘Tied Up In Nottz’, ‘Jobseeker’, ‘Fizzy’ and ‘Tweet, Tweet, Tweet’) it’s clear that this stuff connects. It makes for a great listen – we love the set-list, and this is likely to be one we reach for when we need our fix in future.

Live At SO36


  1. Bunch Of Cunts
  2. Live Tonight
  3. No-One's Bothered
  4. Jolly Fucker
  5. A Little Ditty
  6. Mcflurry
  7. Fizzy
  8. Routine Dean
  9. Bronx In A Six
  10. Tiswas
  11. Tied Up In Nottz
  12. Jobseeker
  13. Tarantula Deadlycargo
  14. Tweet Tweet Tweet