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Christian Wallumrod Ensemble

Kurzsam And Fulger



Released: 7th Oct 2016



Released: 7th Oct 2016

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The composer’s return with his principle performing group represents a significant refinement of his methods: a further stripping away of extraneous material to create a harder, leaner style that can be as close to pure sound as it is to music.

While Wallumrod’s background in both jazz and church music, and his varied musical interests - from early polyphony to John Cage to techno - remain evident, there's a new, rigorously austere aesthetic where less really does mean more. The minimal instrumental resources that Wallumrød employs, and his daring juxtaposition of sound with long beats of silence, nevertheless combine to produce music of great beauty, as if the limited means used had to be countered by a compensatory leap of imagination.

Kurzsam And Fulger


  1. Haksong
  2. Fulgsam
  3. Langsam
  4. Phoniks
  5. Klafferas
  6. Arpsam
  7. Kurzsam und Onward