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terry malts

Lost At The Party



Released: 14th Oct 2016


LP + download

Released: 14th Oct 2016

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the band's 3rd album broadens the Terry Malts concept to create a kaleidoscopic album that has a mixture of moods, each song turning to a different sound inspired by the records the band have loved over the years.

The driving punk (Buzzcocks, The Undertones) that has been a cornerstone of the group’s sound sits snugly with songs steeped in indie-pop & power-pop (The Chills, Dwight Twilley). stepping away from their lo-fi roots, the freedom of the studio allowed the band to expand on their sound with the addition of 12-string electric guitars, piano, organ & sound effects. From driving opener “Used To Be” through jangling ballad “Gentle Eyes” to first single “Seen Everything” & haunting closer “When The Nighttime Comes,” Terry Malts have put the augmented sonic palette in the service of some of their strongest tunes yet.


Lost At The Party


  1. Used To Be
  2. Won’t Come To Find You
  3. Gentle Eyes
  4. Your Turn
  5. It’s Not Me
  6. Waiting For The Bomb
  7. Seen Everything
  8. And Suddenly
  9. Come Back
  10. Playtime
  11. When The Nighttime Comes