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Fatso Jetson

Idle Hands

Heavy Psych Sounds


Released: 25th Nov 2016

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limited edition blue lp

Released: 25th Nov 2016


As a formative influence on josh homme way-back-when, and still sounding more original than most of their contemporaries, these desert rockers occupy a pretty unique place in the rock canon.

Their first album in six years still has the stamp of true originals - all laced through with that distinctive angular spook-desert guitar fuzz riffery that queens of the stone age would go on to pilfer so successfully. Striking about these guys is their ability to inject their stoner-rock jams with enough unusual ideas, a punk-rock character and song-writing chops to transcend a sometimes-monotone scene of melding-into-eachother blues riffers. For rock fans, this album makes for a good time to get on board with these secret heroes – still as vital as ever.

Idle Hands


  1. Wire Wheels And Robots
  2. Portoguese Dream
  3. Royal Family
  4. The Vincent Letter
  5. Then And Now
  6. Last Of The Good Times
  7. Nervous Eater
  8. 48 Hours
  9. Idle Hands