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the weeknd




Released: 25th Nov 2016


limited red 2LP

Released: 10th Feb 2017


the Canadian trendsetter churns out some huge singles and big-name collabs for his third album (or sixth, depending on how you're counting).

Highlights straight off the bat are a couple of sunset, roof-down smoothies with daft punk, where mid-noughties pop music’s two most influential aesthetes combine to expectedly bright, slick and hooksome effect. Lana Del Rey, Future, and Kendrick Lamar turn up to ram the point home, and ensure fans will go home happy. “a continuation of Abel's edgy salacious narrative and a complete assassination of pop's thematic normalcy” 8/10 – the 405 “what is surprising is how seamless and integrated the sound is--a really luxurious, supple groove of sparkling electronica and sinuous, melodic vocals” 8/10 - telegraph