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earthen sea

an act of love



Released: 24th Feb 2017



Released: 17th Feb 2017


this album plunges you into a murky soundworld of shadowy rhythms and opaque atmospherics, drawing on the most potent qualities of melancholic ambient and dub techno.

It’s a necessarily downbeat affair, but one which offers itself up as a place of comfort and immersion against the backdrop of a lonely nighttime spaces. Indeed, it is an album conceived as nighttime urban soundtrack, perfect for walking through urban spaces after dark, enveloping you with both its solemnity and a sense of possibility. It’s a concept that really connects – offering a strange utopianism and sense of adventure in its enveloping intimacy, often underlaying its tones, subtle melodies and eerie sound washes with 4/4 backbeats that serve to speed you on your way. Listen close – preferably with headphones – and make it the soundtrack to your pavement-pounding 3am adventures.

an act of love


  1. The Present Mist
  2. About That Time
  3. Delicately In The Sunlight
  4. Apparent Lushness
  5. Exuberant Burning
  6. Above The Clouds
  7. The Flats, 1975
  8. Also An Act Of Love