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Julie's Haircut

Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

rocket records


Released: 17th Feb 2017


neon yellow LP + download

Released: 17th Feb 2017

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This record is built on trance-like repetition growing to a mantric intensity, summoning blissful atmospheric worlds redolent of the surreal transgressions of its title – the tantric rituals of goat arrived at via the sonic overdrive of spacemen 3 and motorik  pulse of neu.

Seven albums into a mission initially inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, the band now find themselves at a new plateau of small-hours elucidation and revelation. they summon the wayward squall of early Mercury Rev, the shamanic allure of Dead Skeletons, the freedom of Miles Davis, the repetition of Can and the wild soundscapes of Amon Duul II, yet essentially sound like no-one but themselves. atmospheric restraint, glacial texture and immersive groove play as large a part in this blinding and beatific soundworld as droning darkness or overheated amp tubes. highly recommended for fans of any of these bands, the rest of the ace rocket recordings roster, and fuzz club records.

Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin


  1. Zukunft
  2. The Fire Sermon
  3. Orpheus Rising
  4. Deluge
  5. Salting Traces
  6. Cycles
  7. Gathering Light
  8. Koan