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Rough Trade


Released: 17th Mar 2017


10" + cd

Released: 17th Mar 2017


with the visceral ‘hopelessness’ rightfully cementing itself in so many best of 2016 lists, we had high hopes for this follow up and boy has it delivered.

oneohtrix and Hudson Mohawke are at the production help once again, giving it that same digital clout that made the album so special, but once again it’s anohni’s stunning political lyrics that make this a cut above the rest -- she’s got a knack for making the universe sound close and personal, and making the close and personal feel like the size of the universe in spellbinding ways. “[the title track is] simultaneously a funereal dirge, club banger, and rallying cry.” - pitchfork



  1. In My Dreams
  2. Paradise
  3. Jesus Will Kill You
  4. Enemy
  5. Ricochet
  6. She Doesn’t Mourn Her Loss