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Jawbone (original soundtrack)



Released: 10th Mar 2017


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Released: 10th Mar 2017


much of the film’s score segues across a variety of different and often dissonant tones, its eclectic tapestry of sounds flourishes and fractures with choral vocal harmonies, bursts of droning guitar and the swirl of vintage synthesisers for a fascinating & grippingm listen.

somehow, this is Paul Weller’s first ever soundtrack work. it’s a collection quite unlike anything else from Paul Weller’s extensive discography as you can hear on the album’s sprawling 21-minute opener ‘Jimmy / Blackout’, an experimental sound collage which provides much of the film’s score and underlying mood. on track 2, ‘The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe’, we find Paul in more familiar territory with a beautiful acoustic song, which reflects the situation and emotional turmoil that’s troubling Johnny Harris’s lead character.


Jawbone (original soundtrack)


  1. Jimmy / Blackout
  2. The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe
  3. Jawbone
  4. Bottle
  5. Jawbone Training
  6. Man On Fire
  7. End Fight Sequence