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Porridge Radio

Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers

Memorials of Distinction

very limited (300only) lp

Released: 24th Mar 2017

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Kurtis recommends: local heroes take great pleasure in the absurdity of life - Monotony and all"

this brilliant lo-fi sadcore 5 piece perform some of the most talked about live shows in brighton and it stands to reason that this album is an absolute stunner.

it documents struggles with life, love and boredom - spelt out with sticky fingers by five idiot savants. the lyrics, title and artwork, as well as the group's name, brings to mind a certain scrapbook absurdism at the core of Porridge Radio's work. Faced with the dark abyss of existence, the band scrapes together some value from the nonsensical and the pointless, and then cling to it, giggling, for dear life. fans of pavement's sadder moments, sunflower bean and my bloody valentine's lighter fringes will love this.

Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers


  1. Danish Pastry Lyrics
  2. Lemonade
  3. Barks Like A Dog
  4. Walking The Cow (Daniel Johnston cover)
  5. Can U Hear Me Now?
  6. Sorry
  7. Worms
  8. And I Was Like
  9. Eugh
  10. Our Love Is Shrinking Down