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zeal & ardor

devil is fine



Released: 3rd Mar 2017


green lp

Released: 3rd Mar 2017

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limited picture disc lp

Released: 3rd Mar 2017


this album will keep you guessing at every twist & turn – endlessly imaginative as it fuses the dark satanic energy of black metal with the harmony & soulfully emotive power of blues & gospel – it’s massively fun & sounds fantastic.

imagine the sound of intimidating slave chants roar and screeching guitar riffs burn in the background. Then the rhythmic chain rattling evoking a satanic summon-ing makes way for the eerily familiar melodies of Norwegian black metal, & the odd sound of a wind-up music box just to really confuse us. the album thematically revolves around more typical black metal fare: rituals, human sacrifice, fire, and blood. they take the blaspheme up a notch by delivering the lyrics in the fashion of slave spirituals sung by chain gangs. Black metal from the cotton fields. utterly weird & utterly wonderful.

Fergus recommends: “On my first listen I laughed & shook my head in disbelief, 2nd, it sounded less weird & a little more coherent; since the 3rd, I've fallen head over heels for their blend of black metal with crooning bluesy vocals”

Derry recommends: “Nominally a black metal album, this is way more varied & accessible than that makes it sound. Its combination of angry as hell gospel /chain gang inspired vocals with full on musical assault actually has a lot more in common with Algiers’ righteous fury & contempt for easy genre categorisation

devil is fine


  1. Devil Is Fine In Ashe
  2. Sacrilegium 1
  3. Come on Down
  4. Children’s Summon
  5. Sacrilegium II Blood in the River
  6. What Is a Killer Like You
  7. Gonna Do Here?
  8. Sacrilegium III