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Jeb Loy Nichols

Country Hustle



Released: 17th Mar 2017



Released: 17th Mar 2017


country soul that effortlessly captures the best of ‘nixon’ era lambchop, ‘wrong eyed jesus’ jim white, dr john’s soul and even some of fela kuti’s groove.

it’s a bubbling pot of influences that, while disparate, are expertly wielded by jeb’s skill. we could rattle off a host of influences for you (funkadelic, jim luther Dickinson, burning spear…) but, honestly, the best way for you to experience this driving mix of eclectic styles is to stick it on and dive in head first… “another splendid set by consistently intriguing Americana enigma” – 7/10 uncut

Country Hustle


  1. Come See Me
  2. Maisy Hay
  3. Don't Drop Me
  4. That's How We're Living
  5. Highwire
  6. Katie Blue
  7. Till The Teardrops Stop
  8. Never Too Much
  9. That's All I Want
  10. You Got In
  11. Regret
  12. Long Live The Loser