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the last rider



Released: 21st Apr 2017


2lp + download with bonus track

Released: 21st Apr 2017


his 13th outing is a warm, soulful collection of intimate ballads delivered with meticulous care and through his deliciously delicate vocals, it’s a completely heart-melting record, with a fuller sound than any of its predecessors.

The album is his first to include his touring band. “At this point, it’s just second nature for me to write short, melodic songs that say everything I want to say […] But having my band totally involved on this album maybe brought out more in the songs than on other recent albums. It felt special, anyway.” – ron sexsmith. “He pens songs that are smart without being smarmy, clever without being cynical, and earnest without being shallow” 8/10 – pop matters.


the last rider


  1. It Won't Last For Long
  2. Our Way
  3. Breakfast Ethereal
  4. Worried Song
  5. West Gwillimbury
  6. Who We Are Right Now
  7. Shoreline
  8. Dead End Dream
  9. Evergreen
  10. Upward Dog
  11. Only Trouble Is
  12. Radio
  13. All This Love (lp only Bonus track)
  14. Every Last One
  15. Dreams Are Bigger
  16. Man At The Gate (1913)