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luke sital-singh

time is a riddle



Released: 12th May 2017



Released: 12th May 2017

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the 2nd album from the ever compelling & emotionally captivating singer-songwriter is beautifully crafted - nothing showy, nothing too elaborate - just solid, heartfelt songs.

Having written a brace of simple songs that moved him, Luke followed his long-held artist’s dream: he escaped to a remote studio, with nothing on his mind other than making the record of his life. ‘Time Is A Riddle’ is a record where you can smell the graft, see the joins & hear the sweat on the frets – & the occasional live-recording misstep. This very real approach has resulted in a record that shares sonic ground with bon iver's 'for emma, forever ago, damien rice's 'o', david gray's 'white ladder' or turin brakes' 'the optimist'.

time is a riddle


  1. Still - Luke Sital-Singh
  2. Oh My God - Luke Sital-Singh
  3. Until The Night Is Done - Luke Sital-Singh
  4. Rough Diamond Falls - Luke Sital-Singh
  5. Nowhere's Home - Luke Sital-Singh
  6. Cynic - Luke Sital-Singh
  7. Innocence - Luke Sital-Singh
  8. Time Is A Riddle - Luke Sital-Singh
  9. Hunger - Luke Sital-Singh
  10. Killing Me - Luke Sital-Singh
  11. Slow Down - Luke Sital-Singh