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Balley Records

limited cd

Released: 19th May 2017


limited LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 19th May 2017


acerbic lyrics spat out of riotous distortion at glorious break-neck speed demand to be played damn loud – despite their noisy approach, you can hear real craftsmanship here – amongst the scuzzy cacophony lie proper wholesome riffs & melodies.

they met as a quintet at the death of the indie scene in Bristol & began making visceral & sometimes unlistenable post-punk to a growing crowd. They want to give themselves & their art to the audience in a concise & violent way unrivalled by their peers. They have no qualms in terrifying & entertaining in the same breath. They celebrate their influences in a vitriolic & belligerent sound that is both familiar & new. fans of girl band's intense post-punk-noise-rock need to check this out. ‘pumped up kicks in steel capped footwear’ 9/10 - godisinthetv