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the meetings of the waters

Abbey Records


Released: 14th Apr 2017



Released: 14th Apr 2017


recently sampled on bon iver’s ‘00000 million’, 'the meetings of the waters' is a tender, intimate journey – a bittersweet fireside conversation.

with warmth and wonder, fionn regan has surpassed his 2006 award winning debut and introduced a broader production style and some subtle electronics.  not to be pigeonholed, this album has bursts of bombast and delicate lulls of serene atmospherics. “peace and wild purity, gorgeous, mystic” - mojo

the meetings of the waters


  1. The Meetings Of The Waters
  2. Cormorant Bird
  3. Turn The Skies Of Blue On
  4. Cape Of Diamonds
  5. Book Of The Moon
  6. Babushka-Yai Ya
  7. Ai
  8. Wall Of Silver
  9. Euphoria
  10. Up Into The Rafters
  11. Tsuneni A