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The Felice Brothers

Tonight At The Arizona


record store day exclusive 2017 - yellow LP + download, numbered

Released: 22nd Apr 2017

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"Scruffy and scratched Americana that recalls Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and early Springsteen.

" Time Out "Music that slowly ferments until morning, by which time you are ashen and weary and your thoughts grown fuzzy with whiskey." The Guardian Perhaps the best way to describe Upstate New York's Felice Brothers is that they are a cross between Vincent Gallo and the Band; that is, they simultaneously ooze a sort of unwashed hipster sleaze (they are proudly self-professed "scumbags") and authentic, otherworldly Americana. As to the music on Tonight at the Arizona, it is the real deal -- in spades. Theirs is a new-millennium slant on the kind of poetical, fractured prism of America that critic Greil Marcus once exalted over in describing Bob Dylan and the Band. (The Felice's inhabit the same region of the Hudson Valley that is steeped in those artists' myths, and the cover of this album clearly echoes the Band.) This music sounds descended from ancient tradition, but also crosses contemporary concerns and an über-literary consciousness. (In fact, drummer Simone Felice is a heralded novelist.) As to the Felice Brothers themselves, they seem all too aware of the twisting gyres of myth and history (and of their own predecessors) and have fashioned a wonderful album around that tension. From Yellow vinyl with download card, numbered limited edition Tracklisting 1. Roll On Arte 2. Ballad of Lou The Welterweight 3. Hey Hey Revolver 4. Your Belly In My Arms 5. Lady Day 6. T For Texas 7. Rockfeller Druglaw Blues 8. Mercy 9. Christmas Song 10. Going Going Gone 11. Take This Hammer (live)

Tonight At The Arizona