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Tale Of Us




Released: 31st Mar 2017


2lp + download

Released: 31st Mar 2017


dark, brooding synthscapes unfurl across great, isolating plains populated only by minimal wisps of piano, leaving you in a haunting and engrossing limbo-like state.

The whole release has a dreamlike quality that takes the listener through a whirlwind of intense and delicate emotions. the Berlin-based music partnership: Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte have been working together for six years and amassed a large following, despite having never released a full LP. Inspired by feelings that are hard to explain: their mothers, love, death, happiness, separation, films, endless nights or Autumn, the album is an exigent listen but affects both the heart and the mind. The entire album is connected and exists as one long composition using fillers and pauses.




  1. Definizione dell'impossibile
  2. Alla sera
  3. Ricordi
  4. Oltre la vita
  5. Dilemma
  6. Notte senza fine
  7. Destino
  8. Distante
  9. Venatori
  10. Quello che resta