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a kind revolution



Released: 12th May 2017


deluxe 3cd

Released: 12th May 2017


heavyweight lp + download

Released: 12th May 2017


deluxe 5 x 10" boxset + download that includes all the bonus tracks

Released: 12th May 2017


Kevin recommends: “It’s funky, soulful, rocky, poppy - A wonderfully rich album of depth and imagination from the legend who keeps on giving”

The evergreen songwriter’s creativity remains untarnished by time, this album an elegant and melodic piece of work, winningly devoid of nostalgia.

Its an album that handsomely incorporates Weller’s array of influences, from slow-mo gospel, reflective rock to funk-tinged rhythm & blues. This open-mindedness extends to his supporting cast of collaborators, which boasts the celebrated soul vocalists pp arnold and madeleine bell, along with a rare appearance from none other than robert wyatt, who lends his brass to the striking ‘she moves with the fayre’.Not since the pop flights of The Style Council have their been so many great tunes on a Weller album...Paul Weller is enjoying an enviable creative resurgence. Let’s hope it never stops.” 8/10 - classic rock, “A Kind Revolution (is) an album full of good tunes from a man who flat-out refuses to cash in on his history, preferring instead to push forward with new work. All hail the evolution!” - the arts desk

a kind revolution


  1. Woo Sé Mama
  2. Nova
  3. Long Long Road
  4. She Moves With The Fayre
  5. The Cranes Are Back
  6. Hopper
  7. New York
  8. One Tear
  9. Satellite Kid
  10. The Impossible Idea
  11. Woo Sé Mama (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  12. Nova (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  13. Long Long Road (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  14. She Moves with the Fayre (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  15. The Cranes Are Back (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  16. Hopper (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  17. New York (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  18. One Tear (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  19. Satellite Kid (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  20. The Impossible Idea (Instrumental) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  21. Alpha (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  22. She Moves With The Fayre (Villagers Remix) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  23. New York (Nightwatch) [Prof. Kybert] (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  24. Nova (Toy Remix) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  25. One Tear (Club Cut) [Prof. Kybert] (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  26. Hopper (White Label Remix) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  27. Satellite Kid (Syd Arthur Remix) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  28. She Moves With The Fayre (Breakdown Inst.) [Prof. Kybert] (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)
  29. Woo Sé Mama (E&TC Remix) (deluxe 3cd / boxset only)