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the singles



Released: 16th Jun 2017


3lp + download

Released: 16th Jun 2017


Transcending experimental electronic, jazz and modern classical, no one else touches this influential German band.

This is the first time the singles have been compiled - an invaluable document for the casual listener but
also essential for CAN fans, as a host of these tracks are not on any album or have been unavailable since original release. It’s in chronological order, so you might want to switch off when you near the end – a period probably best forgotten! A strong mix of solid favourites (‘Halleluwah’, ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘I Want More’) to some deep cuts (‘Silent Night’ and ‘Turtles Have Short Legs’) and all between, this set serves both as an initiation to the uninitiated and an invaluable piece of the collection for any established can fan.

the singles


  1. Soul Desert
  2. She Brings The Rain
  3. Spoon
  4. Shikako Maru Ten
  5. Turtles Have Short Legs
  6. Halleluwah
  7. Vitamin C
  8. I'm So Green
  9. Mushroom
  10. Moonshake
  11. Future Days
  12. Dizzy Dizzy
  13. Splash
  14. Hunters And Collectors
  15. Vernal Equinox
  16. I Want More
  17. ....And More
  18. Silent Night
  19. Cascade Waltz
  20. Don’t Say No
  21. Return
  22. Can Can
  23. Hoolah Hoolah