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Say Sue Me

Say Sue Me



Released: 28th Apr 2017


Surfgaze became a genre in recent years but acts that play pure surf with an indie twang are decidedly rare! this is the debut release outside Korea for Busan's thrilling Say Sue Me and a compilation of the 2014 debut album ('We've Sobered Up') paired with the 2015 EP (Big Summer Night) and a bonus new song from 2017.

Say Sue Me are inspired in equal measure by 60's Surf and 90's US/UK Indie Rock and it's that odd mesh of Dick Dale, The Ventures with Pavement, Sebadoh, Seam, Yo La Tengo, Mazzy Star, Jesus & The Mary Chain that makes them quite unique.

Say Sue Me


  1. To Be Wise
  2. My Problem
  3. One Week
  4. I Know I'm Kind Of Boring
  5. Bad Habit
  6. Fight The Shark
  7. Let's Don't Say Anything
  8. Say Sue Me
  9. Crying Episode
  10. Bad Feeling
  11. What I Have to Do
  12. Sorry That I'm Drunk
  13. Long Night and Crying
  14. Summer Night
  15. One Question (Genius Cover)
  16. Spy on Motorbike
  17. The Night of Gwangalli
  18. Michelle Marie (Barbie Dolls Cover - Bonus Track)