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Satan's graffiti or God's art?

vice music


Released: 5th May 2017


2LP + download

Released: 7th Jul 2017


The garage rock nutters are at their scuzziest, funnest and most freewheeling on their eighth album. It sounds like the influence of fat white family’s saul adamczewski in the production chair has helped them get to a place of misanthropic unruliness and reminds us that this is a band made famous in part for vomiting, nudity and pyromania. Thankfully, they haven’t forgotten their penchant for addictive songwriting, rope-a-dope harmonies and pop hits. The rock n roll fire still burns fiercely with these ones. “Black Lips have found their way to middle age through a careful balance of punk attitude and rock'n'roll classicism. Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art? keeps that dissolute edge intact” - classic rock, “cosmic and conceptual” 8/10 - mojo

Satan's graffiti or God's art?


  1. Overture: Sunday Mourning
  2. Occidental Front
  3. Can't Hold On
  4. The Last Cul de Sac
  5. Interlude: Got Me All Alone
  6. Crystal Night
  7. Squatting in Heaven
  8. Interlude: Bongos Baby
  9. Rebel Intuition
  10. Wayne
  11. Interlude: E’lektric Spider Webz
  12. We Know
  13. In My Mind There's A Dream
  14. Lucid Nightmare
  15. Come Ride With Me
  16. It Won't Be Long
  17. Loser's Lament
  18. Finale: Sunday Mourning