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sailing a crazy ship

dull tools

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Released: 9th Jun 2017

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a deeply inventive follow-up from this blistering, caustic band of hardcore rockers.

“This band gives me hope that hardcore can still be inventive and creative, while staying true to being what it is: angry, destructive music. From the onset, the band made it a priority to actively avoid trends within the hardcore punk scene. Payton Green's talent for writing inspiring guitar lines has never been sharper (see the maddeningly catchy riff on 'Under the Sun'). Songwriting chops are at an all-time high for the band. I've always admired this Wiccans' ability to eschew the predictable "now we do a breakdown" structure of American hardcore. At times I'm hearing just as much inspiration from Thin Lizzy and Roxy Music as I do Poison Idea or Negative Approach. the nine tracks are fast and ferocious, lacking the slow dirges of previous full-lengths” - Andrew Savage.


sailing a crazy ship


  1. Sailing A Crazy Ship
  2. Automoton
  3. Bestiary
  4. Medusa 3000
  5. Under The Sun
  6. Rock and Roll, Pt. III
  7. The Final Utterance
  8. Optic Chains
  9. Sword of Heaven