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Released: 21st Jul 2017


super limited (200 only) indies only 2lp

Released: 21st Jul 2017


anyone who fell in love with animal collective via their gorgeous and weird early work will be overjoyed at this spacey new stuff from the founding member.

we’re talking ‘sung tongs’, ‘campfire songs’ and the back end of ‘feels’ – acoustic strums, field recordings, underwater noises, playful naïvity and music that gently tears down the walls of the yurt and encourages you to crawl inside and give yourself over to your senses. It is billed as recommended listening for dawn or dusk, and would sound beautiful on a sunrise trundle through the woods. It features loads of helping strums, nudges and tweaks from Deakin, Eyvind Kang, and Angel Deradoorian, and is the prettiest, calmest and most serene acid trip you never had.



  1. Season High
  2. Melody Unfair
  3. Ms. Secret
  4. Lunch Out of Order Pt. 1
  5. Lunch Out of Order Pt. 2
  6. Jackson 5
  7. DR aw one for J
  8. PJ
  9. In Pieces
  10. Selection of A Place
  11. Boat Race
  12. Roamer
  13. Coral Lords
  14. Sports In July
  15. When You Left Me