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Little Barrie

Death Express



Released: 7th Jul 2017


limited white 2lp

Released: 14th Jul 2017


album number five from The London trio, who blend hard rock, blues, soul and funk evoking classic 60’s bands, which has won them a reputation and rabid following (well, in japan at least) over the past 10 years.

Guitarist/vocalist Barrie Cadogan has become the go to guitarist for numerous acts including Morrissey, Paul Weller and Primal Scream. 2014 saw the band invited to provide the theme tune to the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin off TV series ‘Better Caul Saul’ which appears here in all its glory. “In all their Cuban-heeled, Chelsea-booted brilliance, they make it look so effortless. Timeless.” 9/10 – god is in the tv

Death Express


  1. Rejection
  2. I.5.C.A
  3. ’Copter
  4. Golden Age
  5. New Disease
  6. You Won’t Stop Us
  7. .Count To Ten
  8. Love Or Love
  9. Nothing Will Eliminate
  10. the Dodge
  11. Bill$ House
  12. Molotov Cop
  13. Vulture Swarm
  14. Produkt
  15. Compressed Fun
  16. Ultraviolet Blues
  17. sonic Lodge
  18. Death Express
  19. Shoulders Up,Eyes Down
  20. Better Call Saul